Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer Hibernation

Summer is hibernation time for the teen-ager boy.  Don't worry if they show little or no motivation for activity, it's normal in their species. Here is an owners guide "tips for care" during these months:

1) Provide charging stations for about 12 hours a day – any TV, computer or ipod will do.

2) Don't worry too much about their laundry needs – they usually only need one change a week.

3) They will roll from the bed to the couch alone, but may need encouragement the other way.

4) If you need a motivational tool for them to stretch their legs (they should do this once a day), try waving a few salty snacks around face level and then placing the bowl on a nearby table.

5) If your neighbour has a member of the same species, set up a get-together; they are easily compatible with other hibernating boys.

6) Communication is even more difficult during hibernation. One grunt normally means yes.

7) Watch for cat-eye development. There may be some stealth during the late hours of the night.

Caution: Be aware that they are deathly allergic to sunlight, exercise and cleaning. Exposure could provoke wild reactions, unpredictable behaviour and defensive postures.

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  1. So true Steve! I have one of these species too. Still gotta love them:)